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Alex Barbosa's Engineering Portfolio

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Completed Projects

I have made a random number generator, a toggle-able number display, a 3D puzzle cube, and more in my three years of PLTW.

I did an ethics case study on the Citicorp Tower. The PowerPoint outlines what happened when constructing the tower and what could've been done differently.

Year Long Capstone Project Cerebral

Our solution was a survey that could be taken at any time and we would use that data by giving it to those in charge of the school, so they can make changes that benefit the student body.

Cerebral image 4.png

Work in Progress Projects

Capstone Project

The capstone project I am working on is about making it more convenient for those with mental illness to get diagnosed correctly.  

The mentor that we have is Emily Ferro. She is the Samohi School Site Coordinator and Mental Health Clinician.

Currently we are making our product and testing to what needs to be improved or changed.

This is the cost analysis for the project.

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